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The People's Solidarity Hub - Durham is pleased to offer various pieces of equipment and supplies for use by movement organizations. Please review the following in detail before proceeding to the rental page, and be sure to check the available inventory, linked at the bottom of this page.


The Southern Vision Alliance (herein referred to as the Lender) will lend the equipment to the borrowing organization or individual on the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Individuals and organizations (herein referred to as the Borrower) will agree to uphold the terms in this agreement for the entire duration of their agreement with SVA. If the Borrower fails to uphold any of the following items, this agreement may be revoked, associated cost penalties may be enforced, and the Borrower may be ineligible to submit future inquiries.


The following Terms & Conditions are considered mandatory:


  • Equipment must be returned in good order and must be devoid of permanent damage including but not limited to structural damage and markings beyond reasonable wear and tear, as determined by the Lender.
  • The Borrower is responsible for the full cost of repair or replacement of any or all of the “Equipment” that is damaged, lost, confiscated, or stolen from the time the Borrower assumes custody until its return to the Lender at expiry of this agreement.


  • The Borrower shall be responsible for the proper use and deployment of the “Equipment”.
  • The Borrower shall be responsible for training anyone using the “Equipment” on the proper use of the “Equipment” in accordance with any usage procedures. If the Borrower is unclear about their responsibility in this regard, they are obligated to inquire to the Lender with regards to such procedures.
  • The Borrower must comply with all municipal laws and regulations, if any, applicable to the transportation and use of the “Equipment”.
  • SVA is a public charity that only engages in activities that are permissible under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). SVA and the members of the coalition are strictly prohibited from participating or intervening in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. All SVA activities will be strictly non-partisan. In addition, SVA activities will not be coordinated with any candidate, political party or other partisan entity.
  • Equipment must be returned no later than 4:59pm on the scheduled date of return, unless otherwise arranged with the Lender.

Force Majeure

  • The Borrower is not responsible to Lender for any loss or damage if occasioned by fire, flood, explosion, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Borrower.


Please check our inventory listing by clicking here to ensure the item(s) you're interested in requesting are currently available.