Pledge of Resistance: Protect the Vote, Mobilize to Defend Democracy!

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We all know that there is so much at stake in the elections this November, taking place in the midst of the twin crises of COVID-19 and white supremacy. A historic movement has risen in the streets in response, to say that Black Lives Matter; to demand rights for essential workers; to say ‘No more!’ to evictions and student debt; to demand healthcare for all; and to defend migrant communities from ICE and deportations.

But we know that there are forces that oppose us that want to turn the clock backwards - and they’re mobilizing right now too.

From racist efforts to suppress our rights to vote, to intimidate voters at the polls, or to use every mechanism at their disposal to challenge the results after the election, we know that they will do everything they can to fight the movement we are building to win the society we deserve. The South is no stranger to these efforts to challenge progress, whether it has come in the form of Jim Crow laws or racist gerrymandering, they will utilize any means they can to desperately hold on to their power.

Will we let them get away with it now? We say: hell no!

Young people and students have long played a pivotal role in movements for social change. Today is no different. It’s up to us to fight for the future we know we deserve.

Sign on to the pledge of resistance to say:

  1. We will mobilize our communities to get out and vote
  2. We will oppose efforts to suppress our votes leading up to, during, and after November 3
  3. We will mobilize and join efforts to defend democracy if attempts are made to steal the election
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