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The Young Organizers training fellowship is a mentorship program that emerged from Hero Emerging Amongst Teens (HEAT) which was founded in 2010. NC HEAT was a youth-led organization which utilized peer education and organizing campaigns to advocate for organize towards youth liberation.

The training fellowship aims to continue nurturing that mission by investing in the leadership development of high school aged youth. The training fellowship is committed to providing approximately 200+ hours of leadership development over the course of approximately 12 months through a popular education model entailing interactive workshops, luncheons, enrichment field trips, book readings, cinema, somatics, “artivism” etc.

The curriculum is broken into six sessions with the fellows spending about two months on each session with the last session entailing reflection and application in order to cultivate everything they have learned into a framework to continue their organizing and activist goals after the fellowship has ended. For the first two sessions, the curriculum is split between enrichment and self-study. That is, each session focuses on a specific organizing method paired with a theme revolving around self-evaluation to work on being the best forms of ourselves we can be. The fellows will participate in two or three engagements that compliment the topic of each session(readings, movies, trainings, art etc.)


As an extension of the Youth Organizing Institute, this training fellowship carries on the vision of a world that Ella Baker worked for and we uplift her words:

“The older I get the better I know that the secret of my going on is when the reins are in the hands of the young, who dare to run against the storm.”

The NC HEAT Young Organizers Training Fellowship is committed to long term investment in the leadership development of youth in order to build a society of equity which affirms youth empowerment.

Provide a platform for leadership development and political enrichment
Create space to develope organizing skills
Encourage campus and community organizing
Connect fellows to other youth across the U.S. who are in engaged in political organizing and activism
Provide a platform that centers youth empowerment


The first month or so will serve as an umbrella orientation into this fellowship. We will get fellows acquainted with other programming happening at YOI, have a parent/fellow orientation etc. Fellows will also aid in visioning the curriculum and have a chance to further communicate what they hope to experience and learn in their time with this program.

Curriculum Summary (December-December) *Subject to change*
Session 1:Team-Building
Session 2: Global Solidarity & Advocacy
Session 3: Cultural Organizing and Programming
Session 4: Direct Action and Civil Disobedience
Session 5: Communication and Media Activism
Session 6: Campaign and Coalition Building
Session 7: Grassroots Organizing and canvassing

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