NC Legislature: Invest in State Employees & Services in the Budget!

Dear North Carolina State Senate and House of Representatives,
We, the undersigned state employees and supporters, call on you to invest in state employees and services in the FY2023 State budget by doing the following:
  1. Pay raises of $3,000 across-the-board, in-range salary adjustments plus $2000 bonus. 
  2. Invest $6.5 Billion surplus into workers and services, not tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy! 
  3. Repeal the ban on public sector collective bargaining, GS 95-98
  4. End Understaffing in DHHS State Operated Facilities
  5. Healthcare for All - Expand Medicaid
  6. Affordable Housing – Immediate rent forgiveness
  7. UNC System workers shouldn’t have to pay to come to work - eliminate parking fees. Raise the minimum graduate employee’s stipends to $11,000 per semester. 

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