Join today's 1000-letter delivery for a people's relief package!

Weeks into this crisis, it is exhausting to see that so many North Carolinians are sick, unemployed, and heartbroken. Next week, the General Assembly is holding a 3-day session and they can step up and use their power to help. Billions of dollars are available to ease the suffering and we call on the Assembly to do the right thing and pass Medicaid expansion, expand unemployment benefits, and extend protections for immigrants and incarcerated people.

NC United for Survival & Beyond, a coalition of over 200 community organizations, just dropped 5 giant banners across the state reading, “We need relief for people, not corporations!” Our message is clear: There are more than enough resources to go around and let's make sure that no one is left vulnerable again.

Help us send 1,000 letters today to our state reps demanding urgent relief for our people!

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