Save the Tough Love Mural!

This petition is to David Reno, property manager of  the building on which Tough Love has been painted. We, the Greensboro Mural Project, are petitioning David Reno to:

  • Stay the demolition of the property on the corner of Church St. and East Washington St.
  • Preserve the south facing wall of the building on which Tough Love is painted on
  • To postpone the demolition to six months from now

Initially, at the onset of the project, we carefully selected a location for the mural that would be centrally located within the city, attract a diverse population, and would not be subject to change for at least a few years to come. When we first inquired about the property in February of 2017, the owner David Reno assured us that he had no future plans to sell or demolish the property in the next 4-5 years. So when Mr. Reno informed us on January 16, 2018 of his plans to demolish the property in the next couple of months, we were shocked, especially since our right of way lease extended to July 31st, 2018.


After almost an entire year’s work, soliciting the community for ideas, creating designs, prepping the wall, and finally painting the mural, Tough Love is complete. It has been a project that has engaged the community throughout its process. Over 400 people have helped paint the mural and hundreds more have seen it, stopped to take pictures, admire it, and support us. Preserving The Tough Love Mural is important to the city of Greensboro for many reasons. Not only is the mural beautifying a part of the city that has very little art and resources put into it, it is about the city itself and reflects the hopes, dreams, questions, and desires the community has for Greensboro. To destroy the mural would be destroying a physical manifestation of the community's ideas. Tough Love is located in a part of downtown Greensboro that sees a lot of traffic. It is directly across from the bus depot and train station, down the street from the library, lebauer park, and Elm St. It's colorful presence will attract more cultural development, enliven the neighborhood, and welcome people traveling into the city.


For all of these reasons The Greensboro Mural Project and its many community supporters are signing this petition.

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