#NoCap2020 - Fellowship Application

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As a #NoCap2020 Fellow, you will:
* help to lead campaigns for racial and social justice on campus and in the local community
* engage candidates, elected officials, and student voters on the issues that matter to us
* receive dedicated training and support

To apply:
* Fill out the application below! Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with those sent earlier receiving priority. Fellows will receive a $300 stipend.

Fellowship timeline and compensation:
* The fellowship will run from August 17 to November 31.

Eligibility requirements
* Current undergrad student or young person age 18-24
* Clear and demonstrated commitment to our values of social justice, racial justice, and collective liberation
* Clear and demonstrated commitment to working with groups on campus that represent marginalized populations
* Passionate about moving others to action
* Strong communicator and team-player

Fellowship responsibilities

How we’re throwing down
* Talking to lots and lots of people
* Class raps: Ask your professor if you can take a minute to talk at the beginning of class about why it’s so important that people go vote! Pass out stickers and voter pledges for people to fill out!
* Club raps: Same deal, but at a club or group meeting!
* Tabling: Set up a table in a high traffic area. Pass out stickers, have people fill out pledges!
* Canvassing: Similar deal, but without a table. Hit up the dining hall or another high traffic spot and talk to people!
* Zoom

* Hitting up parties and events: Event happening on or around campus? Bring stickers and voter pledges, and make it rain.
* Parties at the polls: On the Saturday (early vote) and Tuesday (election day), we’ll be throwing parties at the polls. This is like tabling, but could involve a DJ, a food cart, and more. We want to hype up the vote and turn folks to the polls !
* Brunches, food carts, speakouts, flash mobs, get creative…

Making it rain
* Stickers!
* Swag!
* TAKE PICS!!!!!!!

* Organizing for at least 5-10 hours per week
* Helping to build campus and local campaigns
* Helping to engage candidates, elected officials, and student voters on the issues that matter to us
* Recruiting 10 new activists on your campus and collecting at least 200 new contacts (via sign-in sheets or petitions)
* Participating in regular #NoCap2020 local team meetings and events on campus, and recruiting students from your campus to statewide events
* Communicating with the fellowship team on a regular basis, and working together to create organizing plans
* Organizing at least one training or event in partnership with other #NoCap2020 or local leaders

Women, LGBTQ folks, and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. We believe in centering and elevating the leadership of those representing the most marginalized among us. By uniting and organizing, we believe that we create change in our communities and across North Carolina.

Questions? Email us at Jonah@southernvision.org . Looking forward to hearing from you!

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